The Treasure Of Moonlight Ridge

Ramey Channell

The Treasure Of Moonlight Ridge

By Ramey Channell

The Moonlight Ridge books are southern literary fiction incorporating elements of 1950s southern folk culture, adventure, magic realism, and humor. The two precocious protagonists, Lily Claire Nash and Willie T. Nock, use their wits and knowledge of the mountain to solve mysteries in the woods of Moonlight Ridge, their mountain home near the small Alabama town called Eden. After rescuing a lost infant in book one, and meeting witches on the mountain in book two, in The Treasure of Moonlight Ridge the two protagonists meet a mysterious visitor in the middle of a snow storm, discover a secret code message that leads to a treasure map, and evade kidnappers as they search for hidden treasure at Christmastime on the mountain.

Ramey Channell is an author, poet, and artist, who was born in a small Alabama town, grew up in the magical backwoods of 1950s rural Alabama, and began writing poetry and short stories at an early age. Ramey is the youngest of three sisters, and she inherited her love of poetry, literature, and creative writing from her grandmother, mother, and older sisters. She inherited her foolishness and artistic talent from her father.

"I am infinitely grateful for everything I learned from the mountain folk who made up my family and community, and the animals who were our constant companions. I can't stop writing about the surprising magic and mystery of the world I was born into."

Softcover, pages, 6" x 9" format. Published 2021.