100 Things to do in Birmingham Before You Die 2nd Edition

Reedy Press

100 Things to do in Birmingham Before You Die 2nd Edition

By Verna Gates

They called it the Magic City. Birmingham sprang up fast, as if a magician’s wand pulled skyscrapers out of a valley surrounded by mountains. The combination of beauty made by man and nature, compliments a vibrant city pulsing with activity—on the sidewalk or the trail. Some come for the fine dining at restaurants such as one named America’s Best Restaurant by James Beard. Others for the challenging mountain biking trails. Historic theaters house nationally-recognized film festivals. Music throbs from bars, restaurants and even churches, where ancient Sacred Harp dirges are sung by visitors from around the world. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Trail trace the struggle that changed a nation. The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame will have you bowing before the “Roll Tide” in a state where football is crowned king.

In 100 Things to Do in Birmingham, you will discover the famous places along with hidden treasures of a city pulsing with character, charm and striking natural beauty. Named America’s greenest city, Birmingham is surrounded by Red Mountain, Ruffner Mountain, Oak Mountain and Moss Rock, all offering trails for hiking, biking, bouldering and orienteering. 

Softcover, 5.5" X 8.5", 144 pages, published 2022.