The Missouri Archaeologist Vol.14: The Spiro Mound

Missouri Archaeological Society

The Missouri Archaeologist Vol.14: The Spiro Mound

Fresh of the press, the newest (2020) printing of the classic 1952 volume dedicated to Spiro Mounds. It is 268 pages and has 152 black-and-white plates of photographs and drawings of artifacts recovered from Spiro Mound. The following articles are featured:

The Spiro Mound by Henry W. Hamilton

An Interpretation of the Place of Spiro in Southeastern Archaeology by James B. Griffin

 by Charles C. Willoughby

The reader should note that this 2020 reprint differs from the 1952, 1980, and 2000 printings in the following manners: the pagination varies from the original due to the use of a different font, shorter paragraph indentations, and less white space between paragraphs; a number of errors in the Bibliography have been corrected; footnotes have been converted to in-text citations; some figure captions have been amended; and minor typographical errors have been corrected. One should quote or cite anything herein as being from this 2020 version since these corrections resulted in some shifting of text from page to page in this version compared to the three previous versions. Otherwise, all other content is true to the original printing.