Extreme Karma Hot Sauce

Karma Sauce

Extreme Karma Hot Sauce

5 fl.oz.

The infamous Hot Ones hot sauce that KOed the first guest of season 5!

What happens when you take the original Karma Sauce recipe and dial-up the heat with a healthy infusion of super hot peppers like Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion, and Moruga? Well, you get an infamous Hot Ones hot sauce for one, but you also get the perfect flavor profile for foodies who also happen to be fire-tongued daredevils. Tread with caution, but expect some real flavor to accompany the heat.

2012 New York Smoke & Fire Winner - Best In Heat
2019 Scovie First Place Award Winner - Hot Sauce: All Natural

The Karma Sauce Company was founded with the mission of providing you with the highest quality healthy and delicious foods. Foods like those we make for ourselves. No compromises, no cut corners.

Ethically Produced, Clean Ingredients, Sustainable, Handmade, Made In The US