Art and Initiation Among Chokwe and Related Peoples

Magnificently loaded with elegant plates of ceremonial and tribal objects from the Chokwe tribe and others in Angola, this exhibition catalog accompanies a show originating at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Alabama; editor Manuel Jordan spent more than two years with the Chokwe and related tribes researching for this book.  

The Chokwe, the most famous and artistically prolific ethnic group in Angola, command a rich visual world, as this exhibition catalog illustrates using artworks carefully selected from prominent private and museum collections in the United States, Europe, Canada, and South America. One hundred and fifty of the finest masterpieces of the Chokwe are displayed here in vibrant color, as well as works from neighboring groups resident in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, to include masks, chief's and ancestral figures, thrones, scepters, divination tools, and ceramic figures.

Published 1998 by Prestel, printed in Germany. Softcover, 151 pages plus 40 additional pages of plates.

Exhibition date: Nov. 1,1998-Jan. 3,1999.