Amazing Alabama

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Amazing Alabama

 A Coloring Book Journey Through Our 67 Counties

Written and illustrated by Laura Murray, A Coloring Book Journey Through Our 67 Counties is a delightful, one-of-a-kind coloring book whose publication coincides with two significant bicentennial celebrations: the 2017 anniversary of Alabama becoming a territory and the 2019 anniversary of Alabama becoming a state. It is designed to to engage youngsters and adult coloring book enthusiasts in learning about the unique character of our nation's 22nd state.

Every county in Alabama is featured in Amazing Alabama with an appealing line drawing of its iconic and lesser-known sites-historical, geographical, topographical, industrial and commercial, and more. Companion text identifies and provides context for the pictured elements. The book provides a comprehensive educational snapshot of all that is special about the state.

 Softcover, 80 pages, 8.5"x 11"