Durga Devi 6" Plush with Mantras
Durga Devi 6" Plush with Mantras

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Durga Devi 6" Plush with Mantras

As the Hindu goddess of power and protection, Durga Devi is the fiesty female energy we all need. Bring her home and awaken the lioness inside of you, as she sings five Durga mantras. Simply press the belly to hear!

Durga Devi features a trishul -- also known as a trident --in her left hand, while offering blessings with her right hand. Since Durga is never seen without her trusted lion, our plush also comes affixed to a lion, who sits wrapped around her.

Durga Mantra
Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu
Sarvamangala Mangalye
Saranagata Dinarta
Sarva Swarupe

Battery operated and included. The batteries are replaceable (AG13 or LR44).