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Eerie Alabama: Chilling Tales from the Heart of Dixie

History Press

Eerie Alabama: Chilling Tales from the Heart of Dixie

By Alan Brown; Illustrations by Kari Schultz 

Mysterious creatures, strange happenings and ghost stories. Alabama has them all and more - despite its glorious depictions. Alabama claims an abundance of fascinating mysteries and legends despite being known for its antebellum mansions and sunny beaches, . The White Thang is a Sasquatch-like creature that has terrorized Alabamians for generations. For a brief period in the 1980s, Needham gained national attention because of its “crying pecan tree.” In 1854, a farmer named Orion Williamson simply vanished in a field in Selma. From the aquatic beast known as the Coosa River Monster to the story of the Leprechaun of Mobile, these stories have evolved over generations. Author and ghost-story guru Alan Brown presents some of the strangest stories from this collective tradition.

softcover, 160 pages, 6" x9"