Gauguin Maker of Myth

Princeton University Press

Gauguin Maker of Myth

Edited by Belinda Thomson

Contributions by Tamar Garb, Charles Forsdick, Vincent Gille, Linda Goddard and Philippe Dagen

This major reevaluation of Paul Gauguin presents the artist and his work in an entirely new light. The vivid, unnaturalistic colors and bold outlines of Gauguin’s paintings and the strong, semiabstract quality of his woodcuts had a profound effect on the development of twentieth-century art. Here readers will discover why Gauguin was one of the most important artists behind European modernism — yet one who also challenged its very tenets. Because while modern art largely rejected narrative, for Gauguin it remained central.

Hardcover, 256 pages, 9.75"x 11.25".