Mel Bochner: Drawing from Four Decades

Birmingham Museum of Art

Mel Bochner: Drawing from Four Decades

Drawing from Four Decades is the first exhibition to give an overview of Bochner’s drawing practice while Jasper Johns’ Green Angel highlights two significant etchings from the artist's Green Angel series.

This special exhibition is the first to offer an overview of Mel Bochner’s drawing practice, which has been at the center of his art since the start of his career. Drawing has remained key to Bochner’s art over subsequent decades, during which he both expanded upon his early work and extended his conceptual, visual, and emotional reach. The exhibition includes 29 works that suggest the density of Bochner's approach and the role drawing has played both in the creation of unique works and as a methodology essential to installation, painting, and sculpture.

Published by The Fifth Floor Fountation, New York. Softcover, 72 pages, format 9"x10".

Exhibition Dates: July 9th - September 30th, 2006