Stephen Hendee Ascension

Birmingham Museum of Art

Stephen Hendee Ascension

Artwork by Stephen Hendee. Edited by David Moos. Text by Tim Griffin, Robert Phillip.

One of the largest works that Stephen Hendee has ever constructed, Ascension is a 40-foot-high colossus that the viewer may walk up, through, and around, entering the space of the sculpture and exploring its multiple light-filled facets. This is also the first comprehensive publication to survey all of the installations and ambitious constructed environments for which Hendee has become internationally recognized. Innovative works that exist between the disciplines of sculpture and architecture, transforming spaces into complex realms that trigger associations with science-fiction dream worlds, Hendee's glowing, geometric sculptures have been likened to the virtual realms of cyberspace, crystallography and imaginary architecture.

Exhibition Dates: September 5th, 2002 - July 6th, 2003