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Basic Architecture Series: F.L. Wright


Basic Architecture Series: F.L. Wright

By Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer
This book is the definitive coffee table tome about Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the world’s most celebrated and recognizable architects – it was Wright who designed the unforgettable Guggenheim Museum in New York. Famous for his innovative use of glass and steel, and the way he designed buildings that melded the inside and the outside world, Wright’s influence can be seen all over the world. Written by his former apprentice Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer and with incredible access to Wright’s personal archives, this hefty book gives insight into the mind of a true genius. If you’re a fan of architecture and Wright’s work, or even if you’ve just been looking for the next addition to your coffee table stack, this is the book for you.
Taschen's Basic Art Series is one of the best-selling art book collections ever published.  Each volume includes a biography of the artist as well as images of their work.  The companion Basic Architecture Series features architects and their work through blueprints, renderings and photographs.  Create your own art library by curating a collection of your favorites!
hardcover, 8.3" x 10.2", 96 pages