To Be Loved 1000 Piece Puzzle
To Be Loved 1000 Piece Puzzle

Puzzles Of Color

To Be Loved 1000 Piece Puzzle

To be Loved is an unapologetic depiction of the feeling of being loved unconditionally and allowing yourself to be loved. With the use of fanciful colors of soft blues, vibrant pink, and apple green, this jigsaw puzzle communicates a flow and freedom of creating and owning one’s existence, experiences, and magic within.

Puzzles of Color introduces you to artistic work that captures the mind and delights the soul. It introduces artwork and genius of artists of colors – African, Indigenous American, Indian, Latin, and Asian heritage. The puzzles are framable pieces of art created by artists of color. 

Art by Kwanzaa Edwards 
Puzzle Size: 20x27 in
Box Size: 10x8x2 in
Made with recyclable materials.