Yogi Dada "The Lion" Diddies
Yogi Dada "The Lion" Diddies

Yogi Dada

Yogi Dada "The Lion" Diddies

"Whether big or small, the Lion is respected in every way as King of the jungle. Walk in your natural authority in this amazing Dada DIDDIE!"

Signature Series Print

Designed front only

1" Width

Sterling Silver posts

About the Artist:  Yogi is her nickname, Dada is her philosophy.  Born Yolonda Carter in Mississippi and raised in upstate New York, Yogi was exposed to various art forms growing up.  Most of her artistic influences come from graffiti, African art, and modern design. She defines herself as a “Dadaist”, a philosophy that states, “Art is whatever you believe it is”.  Yogi Dada lives and creates in Birmingham, AL.